Antonia Phillips

Antonia’s work is about being near the sea – from walks in Purbeck along beach and cliff to the icy seas and mountain shapes of the far North.
Travel is an important part of her working practice. She thrives in colder climates and winter sun with changing light, inspired by coastlines, and the fringes of land.
Paintings are created on location, or from memory and sketches. Intense light and mood of water, bird shapes, trails and patterns are always starting points… After many years exhibiting with the SWLA Antonia is now a full member, and has been the recipient of a number of Art Awards, including the Wetlands for Life bursary and the Wildlife Trusts Underwater Art bursary.

Antonia also runs community art projects, workshops and art clubs for children in Dorset, usually inspired by an element of the natural world and always full of learning and creative fun!