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© Adam Binder


Friends of SWLA

The SWLA Friends scheme was set up to encourage involvement from people who have an interest in art and the natural world. Discover the benefits of being an SWLA friend and to find out how to join.

Artistic Membership

Artist Membership of the SWLA is by election. In order to be considered for membership non member artists should consistently submit and have accepted a number of works in at least three different annual exhibitions. 

There are three categories of Artist Membership: Associate, Full and Honorary.

Associate Membership (ASWLA)

Associate membership is offered at Council’s discretion where it is felt that this would be beneficial to the individual artist or to the Society. Associate members pay an annual fee (currently £75) and can submit three works free of charge and a further three at the non-member submission rate of £18 per work. Associates have no voting rights at the AGM but enjoy many other benefits available to members. Associate membership is offered for three years. At least two works must be submitted in each of these three years. An Associate can be elected to full membership under the existing election procedure at any time within the three years or at the end of that period. If not so elected, then an Associate member may be granted a further three-year Associate-ship or will revert to non-membership.

Full Membership (SWLA)

Full members pay an annual fee (currently £220) and can enter up to 8 works free of charge to the annual exhibition. Members enjoy a range of other benefits including; commission on sales reduced from 45% + VAT to 40% +VAT, free entry to all society exhibitions at the Mall Galleries, free reproduction of work on SWLA publicity (invitations, catalogues etc.), involvement in SWLA projects and regional exhibitions, the opportunity to undertake commissioned work from the FBA Commissions Bureau and a free page on the SWLA website.

Honorary Membership (SWLA)

Such membership honours the finest artists who have contributed significantly to the Society and its exhibitions over many years. There is no annual membership fee. Honorary members may submit two works free of charge at the annual exhibition and a further four at the non-members rate. Honorary members retain all the other benefits of the Society including SWLA following their name. Members move into Honorary membership at the Council’s discretion.