Kittie Jones

Kittie completed her degree in Fine Art at Edinburgh College of Art and Edinburgh University, graduating in 2008. Her practice covers the disciplines of drawing, painting and printmaking. The ideas in her work derive from time spent outdoors where she aims to capture the intensity of directly experiencing the natural world. 

Kittie exhibits work throughout the UK and is a professional member of the Society of Wildlife Artists and Visual Arts Scotland. She has taught across the UK, currently she teaches at Bridge House Art in Ullapool and on the John Busby Seabird Drawing Week. 

Kittie’s focus is on the wildlife she encounters whilst out and about. The majority of her dynamic, mixed-media drawings are made outdoors. She works with an expressive language of mark-making using charcoal, pastel, ink and gouache to capture light and movement in the landscapes she encounters. Kittie is also an experienced printmaker creating screen prints and unique monotype prints in response to ideas around sense of place and the natural world. 

Images from around this site by Kittie: