John Threlfall

John lives on a small estuary off the Solway Firth in South West Scotland. The light-saturated dynamic space echoes with the wild calls of birds; he finds it an exciting place to work, and a constant source of inspiration. Much of his work is from this area.

“I draw and paint directly from nature as often and as much as I can. There is no substitute for this first hand experience, for the intensity of seeing this generates. I strive to preserve the essence of the field sketch in the ensuing studio painting which is completed in acrylic, oil or pastel. I love the whole process of mark making and my aim is to create something new and  visually interesting in its own right.”

John’s new book ‘Drawn to the Edge’ (Langford Press) looking at the wildlife and habitats of the UK coastline is now available.

Saltflats Cottage
01556 630262