Bruce Pearson

Obsessed by the natural world, Bruce works as often as the opportunities arises out in the wild where wildlife and landscape, and sometimes people, interact creating powerful images and dramatic themes. It is the rhythm and restlessness of the natural world which fascinates, and which he tries to capture. The starting point has to be the field experience as pure observation is the raw material. It might be a few small sketches, or a larger and more considered drawing, sometimes even a more ambitious painting which one hopes distils something of the day’s experience, (a hope once best described as, “Snatching the eternal out of the desperately fleeting…”.)
Sometimes something straight from the field can be framed and exhibited  – what’s left is taken back to the studio to be viewed in a new light and the snatched ideas worked through in different mediums – relief printing (lino and woodcuts), monotype, silk-screen printing, or oil painting
As an artist for almost 30 years Bruce has travelled widely in search of subjects from the Arctic and Antarctica, to Africa, much of Europe, and the Americas.   However, most of his time these days is spent in my Cambridgeshire studio – and he loves it!