• Published on Friday, 24 November 2023
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Haunted by the Last Tide

  Wadden Sea by Ben Woodhams
Wadden Sea by Ben Woodhams

The ambitious SWLA Wadden Sea Project sent 19 SWLA artists alongside writer Colin Williams to experience and document the landscape and wildlife of the Wadden Sea in Denmark. A designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, this area is of profound importance to huge numbers of birds whether overwintering, breeding or on passage. This lowland area has a complex history, evident in the landscape, which has been managed through generations to try to keep the delicate balance between land and sea.

The artists spent their time working in that extraordinary landscape on two residencies: timed to experience the migration in autumn and the importance of the area for breeding birds in spring. The resulting paintings, drawings, sculptures and original prints are a celebration of the Wadden Sea.

The project has culminated in this outstanding book Haunted by the Last Tide, which brings together the creative vision of key artists and the story of the landscape, the communities and the history of the area. The beautiful text is thoughtful, observant and fascinating. Haunted by the Last Tide is an exceptional example of how writing and art can come together and create a sense of place.


A short report on the first project trip and the second project trip.

  Marshes, Wadden Sea by Julia Manning
Marshes, Wadden Sea by Julia Manning