Bill Prickett

Bill is based in Kent, UK, and has been a professional sculptor for over 20 years. He produces much of his original sculpture in wood, but his work is also produced in bronze and silver. His in-depth knowledge and love of wildlife comes from a life spent working with and studying animals.

To understand how an animal looks, moves and behaves, Bill has spent as much time as possible watching animals in the wild. Over the years he has been involved in expeditions, animal research and reference-gathering trips all over the world. These encounters with wildlife and the natural world have been, and continue to be, the primary source of inspiration for his work.

Bill’s practice starts by gathering as much reference material as possible on his chosen subject, often using photos and video gathered while in the field”. He will then produce a plasticine maquette and it is during this phase that he will thrash out” the general design of the piece. If carving a sculpture in wood, timber selection comes next and forms a crucial part of the process. Although Bill generally hand carves his sculptures using timber from local sources, he also specialises in the more contemporary medium of birch plywood and is happy to discuss commission projects.

In 2019 Bill was delighted to be elected as a full member of the Society of Wildlife Artists.

Prizes and Awards

2012 — Won the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year – Art in 3D Award.

2011 — Won the Art Prize” at the International Festival of Falconry, Abu Dhabi.

2003 — Pensthorpe International Wildlife Sculpture exhibition, People Choice Award

2002 — Pensthopre International Wildlife Sculpture exhibition — People Choice Award


Listed below are the books in which Bill’s work is currently used:

The Sculpting Techniques Bible. An Essential Reference. Published by Quarto

The Sculptors Bible, Surface Effects and How to Achieve Them by John Plowman.

Published by Quarto

Carving Nature by Frank Fox-Wilson. Published by GMC Publications.

Sculpting in Wood by Peter Clothier. Published by A&C Black.

Images from around this site by Bill: