Ben Woodhams

A work in progress… my practice is firmly grounded in direct observation – whether that be birds in the field or a dead bird in the studio. I work mainly in watercolours, but dabble also in linocuts and other media.

For me, it’s all about finding the balance (or flipping back and forth) between the energised and immediate mark making I do when observing a living creature, and the more planned compositions I create in the studio. I am simultaneously obsessed with movement, but also static pattern and detail. I often return to the same place or point in space through time – whether that be through an hour, the day, a week or a year. And it’s not just birds – sometimes it is other stuff, or leaves or just landscapes.

I live on the island of Bornholm – it belongs to Denmark but sits alone in the middle of the Baltic Sea, between Poland and Sweden – where I moved with my family to escape a former career  ‘on the other side’ in museums and galleries.