• Published on Saturday, 30 September 2023
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  Barn Owl by Robert Gillmor MBE
Barn Owl by Robert Gillmor MBE

This exhibition celebrates the 60th anniversary of the SWLA with a selection of work from key artists past and present. 

A unique exhibition to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Society of Wildlife Artists.

This exhibition follows on from displays Nature in Art assembled to mark the 40th and 50th anniversaries of the SWLA, each of which had a different focus. This exhibition highlights the work of some of the key drivers of the Society through its life, including work by all of its presidents. Sadly many of the founder members are no longer alive — people like Hugh B. Cott, Eric Ennion, Sir Peter Scott, Eileen Soper, John Busby, Richard Talbot-Kelly, Robert Gillmor, David Koster, Keith Shackleton, David Measures and David Shepherd, as well as others like John Paige and Greg Poole, but their legacy lives on through the initiatives of the Society and the work of its current artists.

The exhibits, almost all of which have not been displayed at Nature in Art previously, are a roll call of work by some our best known wildlife artists and a number of newly elected members who are carrying the torch for the next generation. 

Artists in the show include Robert Gillmor, Eric Ennion, Maurice Wilson, R B Talbot-Kelly, Peter Scott, Keith Shackleton, Bruce Pearson, Andrew Stock, Harriet Mead (current President), D I M Wallace, Noël Cusa, Kenneth J. Wood, Michael Warren, Darren Rees, Chris Rose, John Busby, John Paige, Andrew Haslen, Jill Moger, Gary Hodges, Simon Turvey, Chloe Talbot-Kelly, Peter Partington, Dr. C.J.F. Coombs, Brin Edwards, Greg Poole, Nik Pollard, Esther Tyson, and, looking to the future, recent Associate member, Anine Cockwell-De Jong.

Nature in Art, the world’s first museum and art gallery dedicated to fine, decorative and applied art inspired by nature is in Twigworth, Gloucestershire.

The exhibition runs from 19 September to 22 October 2023. For more information click here.

  Cranes coming to roost, Bosque de Apache by Darren Rees
Cranes coming to roost, Bosque de Apache by Darren Rees