Michael Warren

Mike has been a member of the SWLA for over 30 years and Treasurer for over a decade. “My paintings have always been derived from my very active interest in birdwatching. (President of Nottinghamshire Birdwatchers). The continual interaction with the subject leads to a constant stream of ideas and experiences to form into paintings. “My early decorative work was very much imagination driven. More recently I have settled into field sketching as the starting point, and even do some field painting, especially on Artist for Nature Foundation projects.”

“Apart from a wide experience of birds in Britain (I have seen around 430 species here), travel for work has taken me to all the USA states, Peru and Ecuador, East Africa, the Pacific, Australia and a lot of Europe.
“Early paintings were done in Chinese ink , then acrylics. I now work in watercolour on HP or NOT surfaces. I always carry a small pocket sketchbook to note those moments of observation that inspire a painting.”

“Currently I am most interested in painting groups of birds interacting, often with a mix of species together. Birds in unusual situations inspire me and can trigger a picture, offering a different aspect to the familiar.”
The Laurels
The Green
NG24 2NR