Kim Atkinson

Living on the west coast of Llyn, North Wales with my husband and son.

The subjects are of the garden, cliffs, coast. Work is made directly outside or in the studio, often incorporating monoprint into mixed-media pieces. The small events of local nature on farmland and coast.

During the past three or so years, the notes on bird sounds made in sketchbooks have become subjects for paintings in their own right, leading to a recent collaboration with Noëlle Griffiths to make Bird Song, a limited edition handmade book of prints and writing.  I keep a Sound Diary, at present in concertina form. It has made for greater attentiveness, alertness, perhaps a different approach to picturemaking.
Over my son’s school life I have documented as often as possible the twenty minutes or so when the bus comes, by making gouache and sometimes acrylic paintings very fast and without forethought. They are as much about the weather and light as about the changing fieldscapes over the seasons. One or two are shown here.

Ty’n Gamdda
LL53 8DA