John Foker

Education: West Surrey College of Art & Design – Foundation 1982/83

Norwich School of Art – Fine Art (Painting) – BA (hons) 1983/87

Founder member of Bearpark Artists’ Co-op.

Winner of Artists For Nature Foundation Award 2015.

‘Birds are nearly always in my paintings, but the colours, textures and space that surround them are as important to me as the birds themselves. I try to recreate the atmosphere of a particular place – an autumn woodland with the rasp of a jay and the smell of damp oak leaves. I usually begin by spending time in the field – observing, absorbing, drawing.
I then work up ideas in to paintings in the studio, often using oil on board. I love the possibilities that oil paint offers and being able to model forms, change them and nudge them around or scrape them away altogether and start again.
The size of my work varies greatly from post card –size paintings to three and a half metre long drawings.
I feel very fortunate to have lived in areas that hold some fantastic wildlife whether it’s the hills of Durham, the luminous Norfolk landscape or the fragile lowland heathlands of Surrey where I grew up. They all have great variety and present multiple challenges of expression.’