Chris Rose

Chris specialises in painting birds, although he’s not averse to the odd mammal from time to time. His paintings, mainly oils or acrylics, are as much studies of light, colour and patterns within the landscape as they are depictions of wildlife. He has a particular fascination for water and many of his paintings feature marine or aquatic subjects. He works from life, developing his paintings in the studio from sketches and paintings made in the field, usually around his home in the Scottish Borders. In October 2011 he held an exhibition in central London of paintings from a 5-week trip to South Georgia in January 2010. The exhibition raised £48,000 for the RSPB’s ‘Save the Albatross Campaign’.

He also has a particular fascination for gin and tonic, and maltesers, although not in the same glass. His favourite colour is usually what he’s just run out of.

6 Whitelee Cottages
Newton St Boswells