Barry Sutton

Barn Owl

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Barry Sutton gained his Hons. degree in Sculpture at Leicester in the mid 70’s doing large figurative pieces.

He worked for 15 years at the British Museum ( Natural History) in London whilst producing his own sculpture in tandem. During this time he made an extensive study of animal anatomy and was promoted to ‘Head of Model-making & Taxidermy Department’ a position he gave up in 1991.

Since then he has worked on numerous film and T.V. projects including Babe, Walking With Dinosaurs & 101 Dalmatians, where his specialist skills in anatomical sculpting have been in great demand.

Having a sound knowledge of anatomy enables him to be inventive with form, when producing his Goya-esque impressions of animals without compromising the inner rationale.

‘in my sculpture I try to create impressions of wildlife in it’s environment; implying the movement of the animals, surrounding flora,atmosphere and water in an allegorical manner that relates more to the work of painters like Raymond Harris-Ching  than traditional sculpture’

To achieve this he avoids heavy conventional bases & smooth polished shapes as the spaces & gaps are as important as the solids to maintain fluidity & rhythm . As he  operates within the more traditional parameters of sculptural language i.e. letting the form be self explanatory by avoiding  excessive use of colour he uses simple patinas that enhance the tonality in a more monochromatic manner.