Szabolcs Kokay

Szabolcs Kókay is living in Hungary. He has experimented with various painting mediums, and worked solely in acrylic for several years on his illustration projects. For the last few years he has stopped using the medium, except for larger mural work and plein-air paintings, now preferring to use mainly watercolour, with a little body colour (gouache) for his illustration works. His larger gallery paintings are almost exclusively painted in oils on canvasboard. His favourite medium remains watercolour, which is something he plans to devote most of his attention to in the future.

Over the years, Szabolcs’ technique when approaching painting wildlife has radically changed, as he used to work solely from photographs. He feels that the revolution in digital photography and the invention of digiscoping attributed much to this approach, making him quite lazy. He now feels lucky to have realised over time the importance of working directly from life, and in recent years he has tried to spend as much time in the field as possible, sketching directly from life. He uses watercolours in the field, making loose sketches and studies.

H-1213 Budapest, Fácános u. 14/1. Hungary