Simon Gudgeon

Wildlife sculptor Simon Gudgeon’s earliest days were spent on the family farm in Yorkshire learning the artist’s essential skills of observation, evaluation, interpretation. How animals and birds behave with each other and in the presence of man. Learning to understand the importance of balance in nature and man’s impact – good and bad.

Simon Gudgeon’s signature style is instantly recognisable – a smooth, minimalised form expressing in simple lines both movement and emotion. A moment captured. Known for sculpting both British and African wildlife, he is particularly admired for his sculpture of birds in flight. The ingenious engineering of bases which seem to launch the bird into air rather than anchor it to the ground.

His latest work strongly favours an even more pared down approach to wildlife sculpture with inspiration springing from the smallest of details – the curve of a beak, the angle of the neck – and then moulded into a form which suggests rather than dictates a particular bird or mammal.


His greatest inspiration will always spring from observing in the wild. Simon believes that before you can sculpt a creature, you have to understand it and where it comes from and relating creatures to their natural habitat.

Gill’s Hole Farm