Greg Poole

Greg Poole 1960 – 2018

Artist/Illustrator based in Bristol UK

SWLA member since 1993 and 3 times serving on council. Taking part in 5 Artist for Nature Foundation projects.

Studio work is mainly based around printmaking.
I am a keen all round naturalist and drawing in the field is probably my favourite way of spending time.  The best moments of all are when I know a subject really well from sustained looking  and I’ve got to know the area that they occupy. Then settling down on the ground, no longer looking at the subject but with senses still full of the place, hearing birds, smelling the vegetation, feeling the wind or sun and starting to paint. At that point time disappears and it’s a bit like being in a trance. It feels like for a little while that I have started to sink into the ground and absorb something of the place.–