Hilary Burn

Hilary Burn was born in Macclesfield,Cheshire, the home town of Charles Tunnicliffe, and grew up with a fascination for wildlife, particularly birds. After graduating in Zoology and teaching Biology for a few years she began natural history book illustrating and selling some bird paintings.

She was elected to the SWLA in 1983 and exhibited successfully at the Mall for many years.

In the late eighties and nineties she became heavily involved with illustration work including ‘Wildfowl’,’ Crows and Jays’, Birds of the Western Palaearctic and then the sixteen volume Handbook of the Birds of the World and found little time for paintings, which  is why these photos are not of recent work .As the HBW project comes to an end in 2011, she hopes very much to then return to more freestyle work.

She paints in gouache in her studio at the country cottage in West Somerset, where ‘the wildlife walks and flies past the window’, with her husband, two cats, three alpacas and four chickens.

Huish Cleeve Cottage
Huish Champflower