Brin Edwards

Brin works mainly in oils and concentrates mostly on birds as wildlife subjects.
He is particularly interested in the effects of light, often using light as the starting point for the paintings – the birds then follow. The juxtaposition of discrete areas of pure colour create simplified forms and patterns; the process of painting is a kind of stripping down and putting back together of the subject which results in something akin to but not a copy of the natural world.
“I strongly believe that such images deliver from a distance. By which I mean step back from the painting and the colours and tones begin to work as a whole, look close and you’ll find less not more. A great deal of wildlife art is to my mind a slave to detail for its own sake and is the poorer for it. To say much with few marks and gestures is the aim and driving force behind my work.”
The inspiration for my work mainly comes from close to home. I’m lucky to live in the Suffolk countryside and often ideas will form for paintings on daily walks through fields woods and orchards. The wide expanses and light of the Norfolk coast are another rich source of inspiration and landscape is becoming an increasingly important fascination.

Maple Cottage 59
Partridge Row
CO10 5LP