Deadline for donations to Birdlife Malta campaign

Last month, during Malta’s controversial spring hunting season for Turtle Dove and Quail (the only one in Europe), more than 2,000 people helped Birdlife Malta raise nearly €70,000 to pay for a public information campaign in Malta that will ensure that enough Maltese people vote in a national referendum to stop spring hunting. This will save countless migrating birds, many of them rare and protected, that breed in your countries (or would if they weren’t killed in Malta).

They still need €30,000 to reach the €100,000 total estimated cost of the campaign.

The vast majority of donations have come from the UK (and US!), but many many other European countries have a personal interest in seeing Malta protect migrating birds.

Please donate anything you can to the campaign fund here:

PS . see posts by Kim Atkinson and Chris Rose below for more info.