Rosanne Guille – 1997

“I consider the experience one of the main turning points in my artistic career.”

To attend John Busby’s seabird drawing course in Scotland
As a natural history/wildlife artist the opportunity to attend John’s course in Scotland was invaluable in terms of working with other artists in the field. I was, previous to this, very fortunate in that I had made some good friends
on the RCA’s natural history illustration course and the money enabled me
to join them and travel from my home in Sark in the Channel Islands to Scotland and pay for the cost of the course. I was spurred into trying new skills by watching printmakers and painters sketching from life, and also to have the Master of bird art himself as my tutor for that week is something I will never forget. I wrote in the foreword of my book about Sark and its natural history that the course “gave me the confidence to continue working in this way back home in Sark” and I consider the experience one of the main turning points in my artistic career. With regard networking, I am at the present time working on an ANF project based on Sark and the contacts which I made in Scotland on John’s course are now proving invaluable.
My artistic career has been based on the Island of Sark where I have sold my watercolours of the island and its natural history through my own gallery and I have also taught watercolour painting since leaving college in 1997.
I sincerely hope that the SWLA bursary scheme continues as I think it is such an important way for wildlife artists to further their careers. For me it was an experience for which I am very grateful.