Deborah Grice – 1997

Being 23 and winning a bursary was wonderful in two ways:
1. My work as a young artist had merit and was deemed worthy of financial support.
2. Applying for grants and scholarships are very much part of an artist’s career; I think the SWLA bursary introduces artists into this mindset and is an education in itself.
The experience is still part of who I am today.

To participate in John Busby’s Seabird Drawing Course
I enjoyed working with skilled bird artists, sharing techniques and thoughts from paints that don’t dry up so fast outside to best ways not to get bombed by gannets. The experience was wonderful and from it I have made friends
and contacts that have lasted over ten years. From the drawing course I made contacts which aided the founding of the Land Gallery and Bees in Art.
Because of my bursary I felt more confident within a specialised niche of artists, and found learning from John Busby’s field drawing techniques something that remains with me to this day.
I, alongside my husband Andrew Tyzack, have set up two online galleries – the Land Gallery and Bees in Art. My own work is inspired by nature as always, but I am now a pilot, my work has evolved – and I am becoming more interested in aerial views.