Ben Woodhams is ‘Earthbound’

IMG_3840‘Earthbound’ is the name of an exhibition just opened in Gudhjem, Bornholm,  showcasing the work of SWLA member Ben Woodhams and four other Bornholm-based artists – all of whom use the natural environment as the primary source of inspiration for their work.


Eva Brandt uses pigments and clays dug up from Bornholm’s many beaches to create organic ceramic vessels, while Hans Henning Pedersen works with discarded wood to create huge wooden bowls, which are at first turned, then purposefully exposed to humidity to create almost living sculptural vessels. IMG_3886

Lone Schiøtz works mostly in watercolour, and is known for her delicate almost Japanese brush strokes, whilst Barbara Sørensen is predominately an oil painter, who makes dark and wintry interpretations of Bornholm’s cliffs and forests.IMG_3812 Ben Woodhams’ work in ‘Earthbound’ is mostly time-based with a ripening oilseed rape field and 24 hour studies of solstice and equinoxes sitting alongside timed field sketches of ravens, hawk owls and cranes.IMG_3896