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Rachel Porter – bursary winner 2016

The week was amazing in so many ways. Being based in beautiful Perthshire and drawing alongside such knowledgeable tutors, carried along by the enthusiasm of fellow students and course mates, as well as the locations we drew at (Bass Rock), made the course an incredibly inspiring experience and one I feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to go on.
I really valued the time we had to observe the different species of sea birds, learning to capture their constant movement, watching them in flight and their behaviour. The trip to Bass rock was especially remarkable, one I’ll never forget. Though a challenging environment to draw in, being
under a wheeling sky of thousands of Gannets was truly spectacular.

Working from life, being in the movement of the day, whatever the weather, gives rare insight. These encounters are a pleasure to try and capture through drawing.160908-4
The informal ‘crits’ when everyone shared their day’s drawing, meant each persons work was appreciated and learnt from. I always find it interesting to see the different ways artists depict similar things, and their varied interpretation of the same subjects.160908-1

No day stands out being a particular highlight…the whole week was awesome!! The most valuable aspect for me was the tutors. Being under the tutelage of such talented and experienced artists, not only receiving advice and ideas, but being able to work alongside them was an amazing privilege. Their enthusiasm and passion for their subjects and the natural world was inspiring to see…it enabled me to see new potential in the direction of my work, and strengthened in me the desire and importance of drawing from life.
For me as an artist, the course was influential as it gave me confidence to try new skills, particularly watercolour. Since then I have continued to experiment with this medium, introducing more colour into my work. This new way of working has brought enjoyment back into working in the field.
Overall, the course was a wonderful experience, something I would love to do again and encourage others to do as well. It has breathed life back into my drawing.
Thanks to everyone who was involved!

David Hunt – bursary winner 2016

_MG_1567 Standing on Bass Rock, looking up into a dark, ominous sky trying to take in the spectacle of thousands of Gannets reeling and swirling in the wind.  The constantly changing shapes, sharp and angular, soft and rounded, delicate tones. To try and fix an image in your minds eye and transfer it to paper. To capture the foreshortening of a wing, the form of a beak in a moment.

David sketching gannets on the Bass Rock

David sketching gannets on the Bass Rock

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Evelina Flodstrom – bursary winner 2016

20160815_184956I never dreamed that I would get a bursary, especially SWLA and Seabird Drawing Course. And to my great surprise and happiness I actually won it along with two other artists for 2016! Continue reading

SWLA printmaking courses 2016

Screenprint with Carry Akroyd – Sat 29th Oct
Linocuts with Robert Greenhalf (assisted by Brin Edwards) – Sun 30th Oct
Mono and Relief Prints with Kim Atkinson & Greg Poole – Sun 6th November
Fuller descriptions of the courses to follow.
More details and booking through Darren Rees
tel; 01786 870538.
NB. Courses are open to all.

John Busby seabird drawing course bursaries

We are starting to receive applications for John Busby seabird drawing course bursaries. These will be judged around mid October and the winners announced at the annual Natural Eye exhibition at the Mall galleries.
This years course was as good as ever, it is a great way of getting no nonsense field sketching experience working alongside artists with a diverse range of experience. The ‘ethos’ of the course is very supportive and we encourage sharing of knowledge amongst tutors and ‘students’ from day one.
Some recent posts that give some sense of what to expect.

Seabird Drawing Course

Last week I attended the week long John Busby Seabird Drawing Course in Scotland joining regular artist tutors Darren Woodhead, Greg Poole, Kittie Jones and John Threlfall as a guest tutor. The week was exceptional – absolutely fantastic locations, fine weather almost throughout, great company and some wonderful creative opportunities to be shared with the…

Seabirds in Scotland

Straight after my trip to Turkey, it was off to Scotland for the Seabird Drawing course. Formerly led by the late John Busby, the Seabird Course is now headed by Darren Woodhead, along with Greg Poole, John Threfall and Kitty Jones. This year Bruce Pearson was the invited guest tutor.

Seabird drawing course & Turkey sweetgum project – Greg Poole – Artist / Illustrator based in Bristol, UK

Seabird drawing course & Turkey sweetgum project   Sunday-10-July-2016 Coming down to earth after what has seemed an epic field sketching month… 10 days based in Koycegiz, Western Turkey with Nik Pollard, Esther Tyson and Ben Woodhams. The project a DKM/ SWLA collaboration.


Ben Woodhams SWLA posted about the Turkish Sweetgum Project

The Turkish Sweetgum Project

Earlier in June I was lucky enough to be one of four SWLA (Society of Wildlife Artists) artists invited to take part in an EU funded partnership with Doğa Koruma Merkezi (DKM), a Turkish environmental NGO. Working under the expert stewardship of an administrative team, the four tutors (myself, Nik Pollard, Greg Poole and Esther Tyson)…