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Chris Rose Exhibition

Chris Rose is holding a one-man exhibition of recent paintings at the Wildlife Art Gallery, Lavenham, Suffolk from 23rd June – 6th July. Work on show will include recent paintings from the seashore along with some sketches and some Antarctic paintings.

Malta Massacre on Migration

Chris Packham is soon to post a nightly ‘as live’ You Tube diary covering the appalling, Spring slaughter of migrant birds that happens on Malta every year. The aim is to raise awareness of this massacre of migrant birds as they pass through Malta from Africa to reach their breeding grounds in Europe each Spring. Thousands of birds die every year but it is still legallised on Malta despite an EU Birds Directive that it is illegal. Small birds are often lured to bushes using previously trapped, live birds that are tethered to a branch using sticky lime; their calls attract the migrants which are then similarly caught on limed branches or just shot out of the air. The SWLA supports Chris Packham’s attempt to bring this tragedy to wider public attention and we encourage you to look at Chris Packham’s video diaries later this month and to follow the story through this link;

With enough support we might be able to shame the Maltese government into putting a stop to this dreadful, annual massacre.

Chris Packham is on a mission to raise awareness about the mass slaughter of migrant birds on Malta. He and 3 colleagues with the support of Birdlife Malta are making video diaries between YouTube 21 – 26 April.

Langford Press Field Sketches Award

The SWLA is pleased to announce that the Langford Press Field Sketches Award is running again this year and artists are invited to submit their field work for this great prize NOW! The deadline for last entries will be Friday 11th October. The Award is given to any artist of any age who shows a fundamental understanding of the subject through their work in the field. The subject has to be of wildlife but this could encompass back garden nature just as much as exotic expedition work. The judges are looking for a body of work that captures the essence of the subject which has been drawn from life. We are not looking for studio work.

Open to any one who is inspired by the natural world, the work will be judged by Ian Langford and two senior members of the SWLA. The winner will be announced at the private view of The Natural Eye, the annual exhibition of the Society of Wildlife Artists. The winner will receive £250 and the choice of 10 titles from the stunning range of publications from Langford Press. A selection of the sketches from the winner will be displayed at the exhibition.

Applications close on October 11th. For an application form go to;


New bird guide by Chris Rose

After nearly 25 years I am finally getting around to finishing illustrating ‘Robins and Chats of the World’ to be published by Christopher Helm Publishers (A & C Black). There will be in the region of 64 full-colour plates illustrating nearly 150 species. There are still plenty of corrections and changes to be made to the plates (some new species have been discovered since I started the project in the late 1980’s!) although at the moment I am in the process of painting the cover illustration. We hope the book will see the light of day at the 2013 Bird Fair where I will also hope to have the original plates for sale. The plate shown here is of European, Japanese and Ryukyu Robins.